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During your first visit, dr.Rika will go through your medical history and any concern you may have. Physical examination and other diagnostic tests may be suggested. This session is designed to search for possible root causes preventing you from achieving optimal health.

Feel free to bring your previous test results (within 6 months) when needed.

1st visit duration : 60-90 minutes; follow up visits : 45 – 60 minutes


Clinical hypnotherapy is a method of therapy using hypnosis; an altered state of awareness, perception or consciousness for treating a psychological or physical problem. It is a focused and highly relaxed state.

Hypnosis has been used for a long time; modern clinical hypnosis is dated from the late 1700s and the use of hypnosis has grown by leaps and bounds since 1958. It can help with (but not limited to) phobias, anxiety, sexual problems, alcoholism, smoking control, speech disorders, weight control, chronic pain, self-esteem strengthening, memory/concentration improvement and many more.

Each session is about 2-3 hours and 4 (four) sessions commitment is required per case.

Feel free to CONTACT US for further details.


NUMI Slimming Package is designed to give you long-lasting results; therefore, nutrition consultation is included. Modification of lifestyle and eating habit is essential for your slimming success.

The packages vary from several consultation sessions combined with application of accupressure, EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) and/or mesotherapy injection when needed.

 ** All packages are served by appointment basis **